NODA is an association of local governments voluntarily joining together to work with common interests for greater economy of each entity and the benefit of all.

Serving Alfalfa, Blaine, Garfield, Grant, Kay, Kingfisher, Major and Noble Counties in Oklahoma.


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ODOT Transportation Survey

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in partnership with the Oklahoma Transit Association (OTA), is tasked with the development of a statewide public transit policy plan, “Oklahoma Mobility.”


Oklahoma Mobility’s purpose is to:

Establish standards and protocols for agencies involved in the delivery and funding of public transit services.

Set the foundation for policies guiding transit investments statewide as well as establishing programs and strategies to enhance transit services.

Aid the development of a policy that addresses the transit challenges of today.


ODOT is seeking your input whether, you are a transit rider or someone who rarely uses transit, on how the public transit system in Oklahoma can best serve your needs.  Please go to and complete the survey.